I’m Larissa E Thomas

And my journey from a corporate novice to an expert epitomizes the transformative power of the L.E.T. way: Leadership, Energy, Transformation. My path was not straightforward. There was a moment when I realized that, despite my success in propelling companies forward, I was at a crossroads for my own career and entrepreneurial aspirations. My expertise lay in elevating others through coaching, mentoring, and strategic planning, yet when it came to navigating my own pivot, I felt unprepared.

That’s when I embraced the L.E.T. approach, a decision that illuminated my path. This journey has been a blend of triumphs and setbacks, of relentless learning and starting anew. It has been about lending a hand to others while gathering invaluable insights and life lessons. Today, these experiences enrich my coaching, speaking, and consulting practices, offering you a shortcut through the corporate maze and beyond.

Described by some as “too honest,” “too loyal,” and “too open,” I’ve discovered that these very qualities have shaped my success. They have allowed me to connect, understand, and elevate those I work with in a way that’s deeply authentic and effective.

I’m Larissa E Thomas

LET is a Corporate novice that grew into an expert and thriving the LET way. What's the L.E.T. way; Leading, Energy to  Transform.

A few years back I needed to make a career pivot and found I’d been so busy making the companies I’ve worked for successful; I didn’t know how to pivot for myself in corporate or in starting a business. I’d spent time coaching, mentoring, and formulating strategic plans, and high performing teams for others; it was not my turn and the tools, steps I felt I needed weren’t at my fingertips. Once I focused on the LET way I knew how to proceed. I have succeeded, failed, learned, asked, started over, and helped others along the way. During that time, I picked up a few experiences and life lessons that I bring to my coaching, speaking, and consulting practice to help you thrive and skip some of the unstated rules of the game. If you need to pivot, I am the person you need to partner with. I’m often described as “too honest”, “too loyal”, “too open”. What I’ve learned by being “too much” has made me great.

Whether you’re an established or emerging leader, navigating a career transition, or seeking to fully express your true self, I’m here to guide you. Together, we’ll tap into your inherent energy and potential, charting a course towards the life and career you envision. Let’s embark on this journey of transformation, powered by the L.E.T. way, and unlock the greatness that lies within you.

LET’s Reason (My Why)

As a self-proclaimed late bloomer, I have always been driven by curiosity about the keys to success. Unlike many, my journey involved seeking wisdom directly, mastering it, and then freely sharing it. This approach, often undervalued in corporate America and beyond, never dulled my desire to uplift others. Discovering a powerful mindset and formula for success transformed my approach. Sharing this knowledge became not just a choice, but a calling, fueled by an unwavering belief in collective victory.
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